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Restaurant Staff Pouring Beverage from Blending Cup
Botrista's DrinkBot Dispensing Craft Beverages
Pouring Craft Beverage from Blending Cup

Botrista helps foodservice operators automate artisanal and customizable drink options 

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Our turnkey program leverages easy-to-use robotic equipment and high-quality, bag-in-box ingredients to deliver, fresh craft beverages

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A flexible ingredient network allows restaurants to test new flavors, offer unique beverages and provide their guests with endless variety

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Choosing from our vast drink library, we’ll work with you to design the perfect menu for your concept to drive revenue and deliver a great guest experience.

Our menu experts will develop recipes based on your cuisine and food offering

Menu recommendtions are based off multiple factors, including:

  • SPEED OF SERVICE. The DrinkBot removes build complexity and optmizes back-of-house effciciency, so staff can focus on guest experience.

  • CUSTOMIZATION.  Leverage preset recipes or allow guests to customize order.

  • MENU SIZE. Offer variety that complements, not complicates the menu

Comparison of beverage and food taste profile


work with beverage experts to customize your beverage menu



an automated drink dispenser (order to pour in less than 20 sec)



pre-packaged bag-in-box flavors, bases, enhancers and sweeteners



staff training, preventive maintenance and technical support 

Offer a variety of craft beverages to delight guests and drive incremental margin

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Guest demand for premium beverages continues to rise as consumption of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) is declining (-1.9% YoY)

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Shift towards low-calorie, low-sugar, healthier-for-you beverages

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Operators are offering guests unique flavors they can’t find in their home refrigerator.

A taste of our most popular recipes 

Strawberry Mint Lemonade beverage in a glass

Strawberry Mint Lemonade

Passionfruit lemonade beverage in a glass

Passion Fruit Lemonade

Berry sparkling layered beverage in a glass

Wild Berry Sparkling Water

Mango iced tea beerage in a glass

Peach Iced Tea

Hibiscus green iced tea beverage in a glass

Hibiscus Iced Green Tea

Creamy mango oat milk beverage in a glass

Creamy Mango

Chocolate iced coffee latte with powdered chocolate in a glass

Iced Mocha Latte

Ube milk tea in a glass

Ube Milk Tea

Automate your beverage menu with Botrista's DrinkBot

DrinkBot, automated craft beverage smart machine

Fast & Reliable

Order to pour in less than 20 seconds.

No Training

Any staff member can be a professional barista with a push of a button 

Small Footprint

Delivering 10+ categories in a small, 5 sq. ft. footprint

Consistently Crafted

Automate portioning, dispensing and mixing with precision

Eliminate Waste

Precise portioning and maximum ingredient utilization

Hands Free

Increased health & safety with contactlesss production

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What our customers are saying

“Making premium beverages really could not be any easier. Botrista uses robotic production to ensure every beverage is the same regardless of the daypart or store where it’s served.

Our back of house space is precious, but with the machine’s small size and big impact, we’re already seeing positive results.  At our corporate location alone, our average check has grown 17 percent over the same period as last year."


—  Andrew Eck, The Halal Guys