About Us

Company History

While working out of a cafe in Taiwan, our founder, Sean Hsu, found himself observing the baristas making milk teas and coffees during the lunch rush. As the line began to stretch, he noticed that the complicated builds limited the staff interaction with guests. Worse yet, he also observed many guests order water after perusing the limited drink menu and not finding an option.

Sean, a entrepreneur and serial inventor, began thinking of how to automate the process, deliver a better experience and offer more variety to the guests. Leveraging his robotics background and his experience in liquid dispensing at Tesla, Botrista (pronounced Bot-REES-tuh) was born! 

sharing the beverage program with perspective restaurants
Botrista logo with robot highlight
Botrista Logo with barista call out

Robot Barista

Our brand, like our company, originated at the convergence of two elements: food and technology.

The robotic expertise and automated functions of the DrinkBot beverage dispenser are represented by the perfect circle. The droplet of liquid represents the craft, quality and variety created by a professional barista.

Creating delicious drinks across various cuisines and channels

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What our customers are saying

“Making premium beverages really could not be any easier. Botrista uses robotic production to ensure every beverage is the same regardless of the day part or store where it’s served.

Our back of house space is precious, but with the machine’s small size and big impact, we’re already seeing positive results.  At our corporate location alone, our average check has grown 17 percent over the same period as last year."

—  Andrew Eck, The Halal Guys