Our turnkey craft beverage program


Botrista DrinkBot - Drink Dispenser

Automates the measuring, dispensing and mixing of ingredients to deliver freshly crafted beverages


Ingredients are pre-packaged in a bag-in-box (BiB) format and fit within the refrigerated or ambient storage compartments of the DrinkBot

BiBs use individual tube connectors and are chilled up to the point of dispense

Blending Cup

Refrigerated Storage

Up to 8 BiB ingredients

Ambient Storage

Up to 4 BiB ingredients

14 separate nozzles

BiB Tubes

Closed tube system refrigerated up to the nozzle

Dispensing Nozzles

Patented technology enables DrinkBot to dispense thicker, more natural ingredients

A series of pumps and flow meters allow the DrinkBot to pump precise levels of an ingredient from the BiB, through the tube and dispensed into the blending cup.


  • A dedicated BiB connector, tube and nozzle prevents cross contamination

  • Each DrinkBot has a capacity of 200 12oz drinks

  • Available BiB Sizes include 1.5L, 3L, and 5L

Our CloudBar OS allows managers to do more than just make drinks


Effective Inventory Management

Real time data integration for inventory replenishment

Cloud-Based Data Center

Real time data integration for multiple applications and tracking

Sales Performance Analysis

Update menu from time to time to keep strong sales performance

Easy Training via Tutorial Video 

From menu development to cleaning and maintenance; full learning programs can be found from our system 

Botrista DrinkBot - Drink Dispenser Cloudbar System