Allow any staff member to pour a professionally made premium drink in under 20 seconds.

Designed specifically for restaurant owners to make premium mixed drinks with minimal labor.

DrinkBot Intro 

Machine Specifications


The Art of Mixology

  • Dispense thick, high viscosity liquids with pulp or fiber content

  • Separate nozzles prevent cross contamination of ingredients

12 Independent Nozzles

  • Unique honeycomb blender can effectively remove tea bitterness 

  • Simulate 60-sec manually shaking motion in 3 secs to create the perfect foam

Honeycomb Blender

User Interface

  • Customizable drink options such as size and sugar level adjustment

  • Drink Library subscription for offering new and seasonal drink items

Jet Spin Rinser

  • Save up to 30% water usage

  • Quick and effective blender cup cleaning after each use

Temperature Control

  • Keep ingredients fresh and chilled for refreshing taste delivery

  • Serve higher juice level ingredients to bring up your hospitality spirit 

Premium Drink Texture


  • No Foam

  • Not mixed well

  • To-Be Improved Visually

DrinkBot Made

  • Layered Foam

  • Properly Blended

  • Pleasant Presence

Ingredient Configuration

Format: Bag-in-Box 

Available sizes: 3L, 5L

Storage capacity:

  • 4 flavors in room temp

  • 8 flavors in refrigerator

  • Each DrinkBot makes ave. 8 -12 drinks 

Room temp storage

Chilled storage 

CloudBar Beverage Program 

Intuitive User Interface For Drink Selection

Drink Order Customization

Smart Inventory Management

Recipe Adjustment Function

Video Tutorial for Cleaning Process

Menu Change Wizard

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