The DrinkBot

Machine Specifications


The Next Generation Drink Fountain

  • Dispense thick, high viscosity liquids with natural pulp or fiber content

14 Independent Nozzles

  • Unique honeycomb blender can effectively remove tea bitterness 

  • Simulate 60-sec manually shaking motion in 3 secs to create the perfect foam

Honeycomb Blender

User Interface

  • Customizable drink options such as size and sugar level adjustment

  • Drink Library subscription for offering new and seasonal drink items

Jet Spin Rinser

  • Save up to 30% water usage

  • Quick and effective blender cup cleaning after each use

Temperature Control

  • Keep ingredients fresh and chilled for refreshing taste delivery

  • Serve higher juice level ingredients to bring up your hospitality spirit 

Premium Drink Texture

Our patented blending technology ensures foam layer and optimal beverage texture every time.


  • No Foam

  • Not Mixed Well

  • Potentially Uneven Flavors

The Botrista Machine Made

  • Layered Foam

  • Properly Blended

  • Consistent Portioning

Our CloudBar System

Cloud-Based Data Center

  • Real time data integration for multiple applications and tracking

Effective Inventory Management

  • Real time data integration for inventory replenishment

Sales Performance Analysis

  • Update menu from time to time to keep strong sales performance

Easy Training via Tutorial Video 

  • From set up the drinks to cleaning and maintenance; full learning programs can be found from our system 

Ingredient Inputs

Format: Bag-in-Box 

Available sizes: 3L, 5L

Storage capacity:

  • 4 flavors in room temp

  • 8 flavors in refrigerator

  • Capacity is 200 12 oz drinks 

Room temp storage

Chilled storage 

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